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I just got a stack of new prints done up. They are up on my Storenvy right now:

Poison, X-23, and Elektra
I love these shots, I hope you do too! They were all done by the fabulous Adam Woz. 

Your first chance to pick these prints up in person is TOMORROW! I will be performing with Anything Goes at Below Deck. It's the basement pub across the street from Scotia Centre on Stephen Ave (for those of you in Calgary). 
Double whammy! You can see me sing/play bass, and pick up a print in one night. Awesome deal. 
Announcement: I play the bass now.
So badass, and totally sexy!
I've been learning since Jan, trial by fire. I'm performing with Anything Goes later this month! You can find our schedule here:…
Juri is a character I like to cosplay at least once a year. She is so much fun!
Thank you so much to All That's Epic for featuring me as Juri on their site:

A lot of you know, I am a vocalist in the band Anything Goes.

Last night, Joe and I spontaneously signed up for an open mic. Cafe Koi, downtown Calgary. What a wonderful community we met! Welcoming audience, and great artists. I can't even put into words what truly happened. But I'm so happy with our performance. The crowd response was overwhelming. They were surprised. They loved us! They want to see what the whole band can really do. So we are getting hooked up with at least 2 gigs because of last night. We didn't get video. But I propped my phone on a music stand on stage to get the audio. It's on our Sound Cloud right now:
I've got 4 Chun-li costumes. None of those are her default. That changed starting yesterday. I made her belt. Progress! Well that is not entirely true. I already had her bun covers from a previous version. And I fixed up the spiked bracelets I bought in Oct. It's in the running to be worn at Calgary Comic Expo. 

What else might I be wearing? Elektra. Satsuki. Death. Poison. All of which are new costumes. I always feel like I make too much to wear at events. But as long as I do really fantastic high quality photo shoots with them, it's all good. 

With my ghetto set up, I made another singing vid:
I don't actually have any equipment, so it's really raw. Oh well. 

That is just one of the things I did yesterday! I also did laundry, sewed a skirt, practiced with Annie (my secret weapon), went to band practice, even made myself a nice breakfast and lunch with coffee all day long! It was such a good productive day. 

Now, back to my mind numbing day job. 
My job is great because my boss lets me have time off for cons, modeling gigs, and performances. And it pays the bills reliably. However, I become a zombie while I'm there. I'll get my big break soon! 

I'm really not big into sports. But I watched the Super Bowl tonight. I have lots of friends in Seattle, so I was cheering for the Seahawks. And well, that was good. I watched the whole game, and much to my surprise, I enjoyed it! Congrats Seattle!!!

Also, in my last entry, I mentioned something about a musical event. Well they have a Facebook page now:…
I'll be helping out with the event, hosting, performing, going crazy, napping, taking in a lot of caffeine... all that kind of organizer stuff.
So follow it! It's gonna be a big deal. 
January has been super busy for me so far! Anything Goes is getting back into it. We're lining up a few performances. I'll post them when I know for sure. We've got some big surprises and announcements coming up as well.… to get the full scoop!

I'm planning new costumes and I've already finished a few. Elektra is finished. I'm sure I'll be wearing that to the Calgary Comic Expo. I've also been working on Satsuki from Kill la Kill. I just have to get the sword together. 

And I'm just beginning to help out with planning a huge event for later this summer. It seems like a massive job, but we've only just begun. All I can say right now is, think about coming to Calgary this August for a musical treat!
Yeah! It's 2014. 2013 was a busy year. I got involved with a new modeling agency, I've been continuing to build my cosplay, joined a band, there was a flood, bought my house, went to Mexico for the first time, and of course went to tonnes of fun conventions!
Thank you all for following me in my adventures! I'm so happy you enjoy my work!

I did my first photoshoot of the year already. Well technically last of last year. It was Dec 30. But the picture will be first one this year. We did a really quick Tostada from Guacamelee. The point of the shoot was to put out one really awesome shoop-dee-whoop. Just like my X-23 from Halloween. Being Tostada is really interesting! I went the zentai suit route, so this is going to be very different. Either way, it looks great! I can't wait to post it!
Hey! I'm Canadian, so I've got Boxing Day!
It's like Black Friday... but, you guessed it, Canadian. We actually get both days up here now!
So in my Storenvy, I've got 30% off prints. I'll autograph them if you like! Also, there are other random savings on things in my store. I've got some cosplay in there and wearable art shoes. Take a look!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Yesterday, I did a Final Fantasy VII Xmas shoot with Gladzy Kei and Jessica Roh. 
Want a preview?

Sometimes, it's a good thing to disconnect your self. All I did was leave my phone on my night stand. Something I normally do. I usually leave it upside down or cover it with something. It doesn't normally bother me. But tonight, I got a message and an e-mail. It buzzed a little. The light flashed. It woke me up at 3 am, and here I am. In the kitchen with some choco chili chai from DAVIDsTEA, and writing this entry. 

Just so you know, choco chili chai tea is THE BEST! Just add a little milk. I will buy it forever. 

Maybe I should do my nails. I going to be singing tomorrow. Recording a song and video. Details later. My nails are ugs right now.

Cosplay is going well. I have today to work on Satsuki some more. I finished Tostada last night. Gotta get into the studio for a quick shoot. Another fantastic shoop-dee-whoop will come out of it from Adam Woz. He is behind my popular X-23 and Psylocke photos. Also, I might be heading to the fabric store with my girl Pompay. We are working on a Final Fantasy VII shoot. I'll be Tifa again. 

I felt like singing today. I was at home all day, gaming, sewing, and cleaning. I just got the urge to sing. Sat at my kitchen table, didn't bother putting on make up. Just felt like belting something out:
Well I've got 2 Juri prints left!…

There are Tifa and Psylocke prints in the store as well. And cosplay. Also, original fashion pieces! I hope you enjoy! 
Working on two costumes at a time probably isn't such a good idea. Tostada from Guacamelee and Satsuki from Kill la Kill. I'm not sure sure how it happened. 

Tostada is almost done. I decided to go with a zentai suit because my experience with body paint a few years ago was annoying. I had to alter it a bit to make it tighter. The bandages are all done, along with the side skirt. I also had the mask finished the day I got back from Mexico. There just a few more alterations on the zentai suit.

Satsuki's skirt is done. I am taking some liberties on this costume. I'm making it three pieced. Jacket, corset and skirt. The corset is almost done. I'm waiting for some boots in the mail. 

I wasn't sure if I was going to make it, but it looks like I have time November 30 to drop in at Otafest Aurora for a couple hours. I'm not sure what to wear though. 
Negative Earth's Slither release party was FANTASTIC! I modeled for Dusted Rose Designs. She got me in a sick corset skirt. Her whole collection was adorable, goth, punk, and beautiful. 

Then they played the music video I starred in :…
Check it out here:

This is my Cosplay Confidential video from PAX. It's a great little insight into my world! 
My Halloween plans got cancelled. Waaah. Anything Goes did not perform at Screamfest. Oh well. After work, I did a photo shoot instead. A bit last minute, but I pulled out an old under used costume. I was X-23 tonight! I can't wait to share these photos with you guys!

I got back from Mexico. The trip was awesome! Good to relax and find out that I'm a better swimmer then I thought I was. But I only swam in the pool. I'm scared of the ocean. 

I also bought a luchador mask. It looks like Sin Cara from WWE. But I stripped it down and turned it into Tostada from Guacamelee! A long time ago, I was planning to make that costume for PAX this year. But I didn't. Going to Mexico really inspired to me to make it. Such a fantastic game. It'll be really fun to wear. 
Preview photos and maybe more progress will be posted on my FB page:…

Anything Goes will be playing at Screamfest Halloween night! You should come out. I'll be singing! Our next show after that is at the Blind Beggars pub on Nov.8. Tickets are $10. If you are going to be in the Calgary area that night, message me. If you contact me early enough, I could mail the tickets to you!