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Yeah! My band Anything Goes covered the song Down in Mexico by The Coasters on Friday night! Wanna watch?! Here!

I play the bass and sing back up on this one! And look! A new drummer! His name is Stefan.

Cosplay time:
I just finished making a Sif costume. Don't know when I'm going to shoot it. Some complications with getting to a location this Sunday. So I'm going to shoot my new secret costume. 
So expect more photos from PAX for a little bit. I have some new costumes to shoot, so hopefully, I get photos back in a nice steady stream. 
Flying to Seattle on Thursday! I'm so excited to go to PAX. My costumes are packed. However, I have to make sure the proper make up is in the too! I also have to pack some real people clothes. I hope I don't forget anything. I never fails.

What am I cosplaying this weekend? I have my line up finalized. I'll post it tomorrow on my Facebook page:…

My band is getting ready for a show on September 12. We've even got new songs. I'm excited to play them for you guys! More details soon once we've got tickets to sell.
Thanks again everyone for the wonderful feedback! Every time I post a new photo,  it's a little shower of love. You guys are the best.

Have you seen the prints I have available?
You can order them whenever you like on my Storenvy:
More recent photos available are Chun-li, and Marceline!!
I hope you enjoy!
A couple days ago, I went to down to Frank Slide with my band members as a fun day trip. A buddy of mine was already there,  so we figured we'd hang out with him.

Jessica,  Gladzy, and I decided to do some photos to take advantage of the scenery. Gladzy did a fashion shoot, Jess closet cosplayed a vampire, and I pulled out Selphie Tilmett. We just wanted to bring easy things because cosplay wasn't really the point of the trip.

We gotta go back with better cosplay. Photos soon. It's awesome out there!
PAX is not too far from now, and I have finally decided what I'm going to cosplay. I'll wear Poison and Chun-li. Those are two costumes I made earlier this year. I'm making two new ones to bring as well. Jubilee based mostly on her new Kotobukiya figure. The second one will be Fetch from Infamous Second Son. I'm sure dressing as Fetch on Seattle isn't necessarily the most original idea, but I want to do it!

I'm glad my costumes aren't too bulky this year. Last year, Amaterasu's sun disk, and Nilin's Jax almost didn't make it!

More PAX talk. I'm going to PAX South in Jan. Buying those tickets was such an impulsive move. I've never been to Texas, so this will be interesting!
Lots of stuff going on right now!

As you may have noticed, I've been posting a bunch of FFX photos. I'm very happy with my Lulu cosplay, and with Becka and Tali's Yuna and Rikku! Glen Co's photography skills are shining through again of course! He's a wizard, as Tali had accurately stated.

My band, Anything Goes is playing a show this Friday. We are headlining at the Dog and Duck Pub! So if you happen to be in the Calgary area, come out to see us! As part of our merch box, I will be bringing some cosplay prints.

Speaking of prints, I just added 2 to the Storenvy!
You'll find Chun-li and Marceline there right now! So if you don't see me at an event, they are always online.

Neeext weekend, I think I'm going to Nishikaze in Lethbridge! That is June 28. I will be helping with the kimono fashion show. I'll wear some cosplay too. Just not sure what! Something simple because I'll be busy all day. So we'll see!
Did you guys know I have a Storenvy?

There are a handful of great prints on there up for grabs! 
Also, I'm selling some cosplay pieces that I don't plan on wearing again. 
Thanks for taking a look. And if you buy something: Extra Thank You!!! <3 Each purchase really does take a little financial strain off of this expensive hobby, and it shows a lot of love and support. I'm so grateful! <3

In other news, my band and I are getting ready for another show. We are driving up north to Edmonton. This is going to be a crazy trip. Especially since we are missing a guitarist and our keyboardist for this show.
***Skeleton crew Anything Goes show at DV8 in Edmonton, this Saturday night***
We've got a lot of practicing to do for the rest of the week. Really have to work on filling in that sound! Hope to see you there!
I just did a Marceline photo shoot on Sunday! Closet cosplay FTW. Simple costumes are so fun to photograph. Because they are so easy, the shoot is more about how much the model physically looks like the character, and the acting! So I threw on a Vampire Queen inspired outfit, grabbed my bass, and we went to my basement studio. I sat on a chair, pretended to float and got my skin photo shopped grey. Would I wear Marceline to a con? Maybe. I did mix some grey body paint for when I thought I was going to be her at Calgary Expo. But I hate painting myself. I did not make her axe bass. I used my own. Because I actually play it, it's red, and it's my baby! I'll be sharing this shoot with you soon!
It's finally started! My band is putting out a mini web series called Nothing to Something. If you want to know what it's like to be a group of aspiring rock stars, check it out!
You'll also find out about Jessica's car troubles, why I can't have too much poutine, and the time I got body checked on stage!
Check out my band's Youtube channel:…
Our mini web series is starting tomorrow! It's going all month long, every Wednesday.

More exciting May news:
I'm teaming up with Tali and Becka Bee… for TWO cosplay projects. Tali moves around a lot and she's only in town for just over a month. We are making the most of our time! Can't wait to unveil these new costumes!

Also, check out FUNKYMONKEY1945Â  He draws me, and it's awesome. He paints a female portrait everyday. He's used my photos for reference multiple times because my face shape is so difficult! Probably one of the coolest things someone has said about me. 
Calgary Expo Parade of Wonders was the first gig for Anything Goes. April 2013.
Watch as we reflect back on that gig while recapping this year's event. Bigger and better!

The rest of CCEE was amazing. It was my best convention ever! 
Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo starts today. I'll be selling prints all weekend!
I will at Artists Alley somewhere in tables k5 - k8. From 4:00 to 6:00 pm. It's an art collective, so it's going to be nuts! find me! Prints are on sale for $5
If you can't make it, you can find the sale here:…
I'll be wearing my Mass Effect 3 dress today.
I just got a stack of new prints done up. They are up on my Storenvy right now:

Poison, X-23, and Elektra
I love these shots, I hope you do too! They were all done by the fabulous Adam Woz. 

Your first chance to pick these prints up in person is TOMORROW! I will be performing with Anything Goes at Below Deck. It's the basement pub across the street from Scotia Centre on Stephen Ave (for those of you in Calgary). 
Double whammy! You can see me sing/play bass, and pick up a print in one night. Awesome deal. 
Announcement: I play the bass now.
So badass, and totally sexy!
I've been learning since Jan, trial by fire. I'm performing with Anything Goes later this month! You can find our schedule here:…
Juri is a character I like to cosplay at least once a year. She is so much fun!
Thank you so much to All That's Epic for featuring me as Juri on their site:

A lot of you know, I am a vocalist in the band Anything Goes.

Last night, Joe and I spontaneously signed up for an open mic. Cafe Koi, downtown Calgary. What a wonderful community we met! Welcoming audience, and great artists. I can't even put into words what truly happened. But I'm so happy with our performance. The crowd response was overwhelming. They were surprised. They loved us! They want to see what the whole band can really do. So we are getting hooked up with at least 2 gigs because of last night. We didn't get video. But I propped my phone on a music stand on stage to get the audio. It's on our Sound Cloud right now:
I've got 4 Chun-li costumes. None of those are her default. That changed starting yesterday. I made her belt. Progress! Well that is not entirely true. I already had her bun covers from a previous version. And I fixed up the spiked bracelets I bought in Oct. It's in the running to be worn at Calgary Comic Expo. 

What else might I be wearing? Elektra. Satsuki. Death. Poison. All of which are new costumes. I always feel like I make too much to wear at events. But as long as I do really fantastic high quality photo shoots with them, it's all good. 

With my ghetto set up, I made another singing vid:
I don't actually have any equipment, so it's really raw. Oh well. 

That is just one of the things I did yesterday! I also did laundry, sewed a skirt, practiced with Annie (my secret weapon), went to band practice, even made myself a nice breakfast and lunch with coffee all day long! It was such a good productive day. 

Now, back to my mind numbing day job. 
My job is great because my boss lets me have time off for cons, modeling gigs, and performances. And it pays the bills reliably. However, I become a zombie while I'm there. I'll get my big break soon! 

I'm really not big into sports. But I watched the Super Bowl tonight. I have lots of friends in Seattle, so I was cheering for the Seahawks. And well, that was good. I watched the whole game, and much to my surprise, I enjoyed it! Congrats Seattle!!!

Also, in my last entry, I mentioned something about a musical event. Well they have a Facebook page now:…
I'll be helping out with the event, hosting, performing, going crazy, napping, taking in a lot of caffeine... all that kind of organizer stuff.
So follow it! It's gonna be a big deal. 
January has been super busy for me so far! Anything Goes is getting back into it. We're lining up a few performances. I'll post them when I know for sure. We've got some big surprises and announcements coming up as well.… to get the full scoop!

I'm planning new costumes and I've already finished a few. Elektra is finished. I'm sure I'll be wearing that to the Calgary Comic Expo. I've also been working on Satsuki from Kill la Kill. I just have to get the sword together. 

And I'm just beginning to help out with planning a huge event for later this summer. It seems like a massive job, but we've only just begun. All I can say right now is, think about coming to Calgary this August for a musical treat!